How to choose hair length

Choose your hair length based on the desired length in the picture:

How to choose hair density

Hair density is the amount of hair on the system.
130% is a natural amount of hair, like most healthy people have.
Then you can increase the amount of hair in the product. For example, in order to increase the volume externally.
Also in the socks process, when the hair starts to fall out, a larger volume will allow you to carry the product longer.
Since a greater amount of hair will reduce the speed of the manifestation of zones without hair.

How to choose cap

  • Except forehead

    The mesh is only on the top of the head, and the rest of the system is like a wig. But it is still closer to the wig technology. The hairs on the parts of the product are mechanically attached.
    It is less natural, less comfortable. But such a system has a longer service life. And it is cheaper.
  • Full meshAll product is created by hands. Cap around the perimeter.
    Full lace wig is more natural, more comfortable, but more expensive

How to choose right dimensions

The hair system is not a multi-dimensional thing and it is important that it fits tightly on the head.
Then it will be natural and comfortable.
Measure your parameters by the picture. Tight centimeter to the head.

Standard sizes you can see in the picture below. 1-3 cm deviations are tolerable:

How to choose PU

The silicone insert allows you to tighten the system to the head.
And also, if you need to go somewhere for a while, you can wear a system with a silicone insert without superfixes.
Also, a system with a silicone insert can be attached to glue.
Disadvantage: the skin under the silicone does not breathe. The edge line of the system looks less natural.

How to choose silk top

Let’s start with a parting. First of all, a lot depends on whether you have your own hair under the system or not. If they are, then they can peek out from under the net, and this can be noticeable. Therefore, there are two solutions: to attach the parting of the system to your parting of the hair, so that it looks natural. Or choose a system with a silk insert that mimics the skin of the head (you can see in the photo). In a system with a silk insert, the parting looks as natural as possible.

If you do not have hair under the system, then  parting without a silk insert also looks natural and invisible to the naked eye (who does not know that you are in the system). But sometimes our customers say. that it seems to them that without a silk insert, knots of parting are visible, and they are calmer when the insert is.
From the part, this is true. But my colleagues quite often wear systems without a silk insert (total alopecia). Firstly, because with a silk insert, the system is slightly hotter, and secondly, because without a silk insert, the system still lasts a little longer, and thirdly, it increases the cost of the system.

Also when it comes to systems with blond hair. That’s where the nodes of the system are generally barely noticeable (you can see from the photo).

In the end, I would like to note that, we have buyers from the world of show business who perform on stage in our systems. And you are unlikely to guess that they are in systems. Although the systems they have without silk inserts have their own hair. Well, of course. we won’t tell you who it is 🙂

Therefore, the choice is yours, which is closer to you. In any case, parting in the hair system for those around you will remain a natural element, your natural hairstyle.

How to choose color

Color #1

Color #2

Color #4

Color #6

Color #8

Color #18

Color #60

Color #602

Color Natural