We are a girls team who have been struggling with the problem of hair loss for about 10 years.

And for all these years, the best solution for returning to normal life with beautiful hair, we consider hair systems.

We used different systems, different manufacturers and all systems had the same problems:

  1. High price;
  2. Bad hair that gets tangled and twisted into mats;
  3. Rapid hair loss at the system itself;
  4. Bad net system that breaks.

We merged with the factory, solved all these problems and created “Svoyi” and now 4 years helping the same way as we solve the problem.

Alena, the creator of the company “Svoyi”.

Why Svoyi is a good solution

  1. Multi-language support and interface;
  2. 6 months warranty on the system. What will protect you from marriage and low-quality products;
  3. Favorable prices for luxury hair quality;
  4. Consultation from girls who use the systems and help you advice.



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