Reviews from our clients

Good morning! I apologize for hysterics on my part! Yesterday I put the hair system in order: washed, clipped under my head. And it has become completely different! Hair is soft, straight, looks fine.


``Hello! I am extremely grateful to the staff of the Svoyi store for making the hair system. The system is made by individual measurements, production time is fast enough, delivered on time. The system is of very good quality, the hair is soft, supple, the lace sits tight on the head even without fixation. Hair is much softer and more pleasant to the touch than in natural wigs. Very pleased with the price / quality ratio, because the pricing policy of the company is more flexible and affordable than in competing online stores.
Many thanks to the managers Helen and Catherine for the advice and help. Thanks again, you bring great benefits to women and girls!!!


Girls, thank you all so much for the hair system! You are doing a very important thing. I am very pleased and will always order only from you.


I also wanted to write a review, but the girl above wrote everything exactly as I wanted to write. Girls, Helen, Kate, thank you very much!!! I join and subscribe to every word that is written above.


A little less than a year has passed since I bought the hair system. Thank you so much for having such a way out. With it, I really became happier and more beautiful! Special thanks a lot for your patience! This is still a very modest review... but believe me, truth is behind every word and a lot of experienced emotions. The system is a gift that brings peace of mind.